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I create web applications, both in the front-end and in the back-end. Specialised in JavaScript, React, Node.js, and TypeScript.

My name is Gaya Kessler, an independent (full stack) web developer located in the south of the Netherlands.

Opinionated, always ready for a discussion, and to help build something great.

My goal is to create simple solutions to complex problems.

What I am Good at

The main value I provide is that I can take a complicated subject and turn it into something understandable. This way even programmers who are just starting out can follow what the complex parts of your product are doing.

I love sharing knowledge and like to teach and mentor developers whilst I work on projects. This way the developers I am working with will get a bit of my experience transferred to them.

By sharing what I know I bring more value to the product and to the current development team.

My work is at its best in agile environments, and with remote teams. On-site is also possible.

Why Hire me?

Hire me for freelance JavaScript / React development. I can solve the whole front-end of your projects. My experience lies in creating solid and stable applications which developers like to iterate on.

My strength lies in that I know how to structure and create the right architectures for complex web applications. I also have an eye for code quality and following best-practises.

I also have a background in backend / web services development, therefore I can cover a broad spectrum of needs. This also makes it a lot easier for me to interact with existing teams.

I help teams create readable solutions and future-proof code.

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Some of the Companies That Hired Me


Cloud hosting platform for Philips Healthcare in Node.js


React development for the core and cloud product


E-commerce dashboards and React powered tooling


Visualising intelligent river data with React, D3, Node.js


Improving development experience and educating development team


Node.js web services, mobile and web applications

What Do Other Say About Me?

Scott Basgaard, CTO at Intoto
I often compare trying to find the best developers with finding an amazing drummer for a band. They are the key to success and almost impossible to find. There are so many out there but the good ones have already found success and are usually unavailable. Gaya is that perfect drummer who has been available for me on multiple projects and a key to success. He’s an amazing developer, communicator and innovator and always sees the bigger picture of whatever I’ve thrown his way. I’ve worked with a large amount of people over my career and Gaya is on the top of my list!
Scott Basgaard, CTO at Intoto
Robin Verlangen, CTO at Route42
Gaya is one of the most skilled developers I know, striking the right balance between being pragmatic and delivering high quality code. This helped us to move forward quickly with our products.
Robin Verlangen, CTO at Route42
Tom Hirst, Freelance WordPress Developer
Gaya is an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only is he one of the most skilled developers I've ever collaborated with, but he's one of the nicest people too. If you need a JavaScript pro to code your project, teach your developers or run a workshop for your company; Gaya is your man.
Tom Hirst, Freelance WordPress Developer

Technologies I Excel at

While the technologies I use do not necessarily affect the results of my work, it shows what I most comfortable with.

Subjects I mainly focus on are JavaScript (and TypeScript), back-end JavaScript using Node.js, front-end development, React, Redux, WebPack, Single Page Applications / Progressive Web Apps, and mobile apps (React Native).









Professional Experience

I have been working in web development professionally since 2006. Since then, I’ve seen a lot of trends come and go, which has formed a solid opinion on what works, and what doesn’t, what sticks, and what doesn’t.

I also occasionally speak at meetups, conferences, and do in-company training about technology and trends.

In the past I have worked on projects of various sizes. This helped me in choosing the right tool for the job. From small JavaScript widgets to full-blown enterprise level applications; anything is possible.

Read my full resumé for my past work experience.

CleverNode Projects

Apart from freelance work, I also spend a lot of my time working on side-projects. Here are some projects I’ve launched over the years.


Custom-made MIDI projects


Privacy First Time Tracker


Running route generator


(Discontinued) Social Whisky App

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