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Gaya Kessler Freelance React Developer,
Gaya Kessler

Looking for the following:

  • Development of a React powered application from scratch?
  • Help with improving your current React application and the development there of?
  • Someone to teach React development to you, or members of your team?
  • Want to make a native mobile app?
  • Solid advise on what the best approach is for an idea you have?
  • A ton of experience with JavaScript and Node.js?

Look no further.

JavaScript and Modern Frontend Development

Are you looking for an experienced React Developer? Look no further. I’ve been doing React since 2015, and JavaScript since 2007.

React is a very popular framework for building web applications, statically generated websites, mobile apps, and working with headless CMSes, blogs, or e-commerce.

I have a ton of experience with the framework and can help you with the problem at hand.








React Native





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Why React?

React works in such a way that it forces the developer to think about the structure and communication from the same perspective. Whereas other frameworks allow for different solutions, React tries to keep every developer heading the same way, while also using regular JavaScript without any magic!

Another great aspect is the React is just a way to represent your data and how to communicate changes within said data, the rest is up to the developer to choose.

Popularity of React is rapidly growing, and more and more developers are getting into it. It’s a great investment into the future.

Hire me

Hire me to create the web application you have in mind. Together we can build something which works for you and your users.

Does your team need help with React development? I can help your team get a grasp on how React and its concepts work.

Some examples

CleverNode Projects


Privacy First Time Tracker

A/B Testing for WordPress

A/B Testing for WordPress


Social Whisky App

3D Cube Designer
(collab w/

Some of the Companies I've Worked for


Cloud hosting platform for Philips Healthcare


Node.js web services
mobile & web apps


UI development for a Brewery Controller


Support and education for development team


Information management web application

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